Rebus Technology Inc.

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About Rebus Technology

Rebus Technology has been developing information management/document image management technologies and product lines since 1990. Its flagship product, Recollect®, has won several industry awards and accolades, including Imaging Magazine's Technical Excellence award. Recollect is used by businesses and end users to manage documents of all types, from paper to electronic.


Vijay Rangarajan
President and CEO

As the chief architect of Rebus technology, Vijay Rangarajan has dedicated himself to developing innovative information management technologies and product lines since he founded Rebus Technology in 1990. A contributor to image processing and pattern recognition technology development since 1983, he has designed and managed the development of several breakthrough technologies in the areas of scanning, OCR, and document management.

He is one of the co-authors of the original TIFF specification. Before founding Rebus, he was Project Manager at Caere Corporation, where he helped design and manage the industry's most successful OCR product, OmniPage, from conceptualization through three releases for both PC and Macintosh platforms. As a software design engineer at DEST Corporation, he contributed to the design of software for the first successful desktop scanner in 1985.

He received PC Magazine's Technical Excellence award for his contribution in the development of OmniPage. He has also patented key Recollect features, including Fuzzy Search and Automatic Page Registration, and holds a B.E (Electronics) from Bangalore University, Master's degree in Electronics from the University of Madras, and MSEE from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.