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Recollect Desktop – Standard Edition - 7.0

Recollect Desktop – Professional Edition – 7.0

Recollect Desktop, the first desktop solution to allow users to search all documents including unstructured files such as scanned documents, PDFs and emails, not just by title, but by the words inside, even if they are misspelled or run-together.

Recollect Desktop removes the last barrier to a paperless office. For the first time, users can scan and organize their documents onto their hard drives and instantly find and retrieve all kinds of PDFs, TIFF, JPEG and other unstructured files.

Users can scan random documents such as faxes, medical records, legal contracts, insurance and trustee forms, home mortgage reports, receipts, bills, estimates, newspaper and magazine clippings and photographs and Recollect Desktop will quickly and easily recall and list the relevant, even if you can’t remember where you stored them.

Recollect Desktop Standard and Professional – Trial Editions can be downloaded for a 15-day trial or up to 2500 pages which ever occurs first.

Please read the license terms in the License Agreement. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, then do not use, install, copy, distribute, or transmit the software.