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Recollect Enterprise 6.5 Features Empower Document Managers

No other product provides the comprehensive document and information management solution enabled by Recollect. Recollect Enterprise 6.5 now adds the following new features to its award-winning original features

Simplified user interface

  • Easily manage documents using improved, simplified user interface
  • Perform functions and obtain help using extensive right-click support
  • Manage large documents (Recollect now accepts documents containing up to 64,000 pages each)
  • Merge electronic documents with paper-based documents to create a single source of information
  • Merge and split documents by simply dragging and dropping
  • View and scroll through thumbnail display of pages

Importing of electronic documents, including Web content

  • Import any electronic documents or image files, including formatting, from popular applications, such as MS-Word, PDF, HTML, or PowerPoint; or leave original documents intact in original locations and create links to documents and document content
  • Open Import Window only once to import multiple documents from multiple directories
  • Combine files or insert other files as new pages in existing Recollect documents
  • Import HTML documents from specified URLs on the Web

Storing, exporting, retrieving, editing, and copying of formatted optical character recognition (OCR) text and images

  • Store formatted text (after importing or scanning) and retain bold, underline, italics, and column information after Recollect performs the automatic OCR process
  • Export formatted OCR text to any popular word processing or spreadsheet application, such as MS Word or MS Excel, and edit and save files as new documents (spreadsheet text retains table format)
  • Retrieve and view formatted OCR text
  • Edit text stored in Recollect by launching any popular word processing applications, such as MS Word or WordPerfect, within Recollect's environment
  • Copy portions of text along with formatting information and paste to any Windows-compliant application

Integration with popular databases and database applications

  • Store all your fielded template data in any ODBC-compliant database, such as Oracle, SQL Server, or MS Access
  • Export fielded template data to any ODBC-compliant database in order to generate reports or access the data from other applications, such as accounting, HR, or ERP

Enhanced page control

  • Perform OCR and automatic full-text indexing of paper and fax documents either during scanning or anytime after they are scanned
  • Shuffle pages and change their positions simply by dragging and dropping to the desired page location
  • Rotate pages clockwise or anti-clockwise in steps of 90 degrees during or after scanning, and rotate pages through any angle anytime after they are scanned
  • Straighten scanned or faxed/imported pages either during or anytime after scanning

Audio and video attachment capability

  • Attach audio and video information to any Recollect document (this feature is enabled by Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technology)

Improved scanning window

  • Scan multiple documents without closing the scanning window
  • Turn on or off scanning display progress
  • Save and reuse personalized scanning and document settings
  • Enable or disable retention of formatting information during scanning

Built-in image editor

  • Manipulate or edit images within Recollect
  • Enhance your images by applying several image-processing filters
  • Embed text within document images

Overview printing

  • Print overview of a document by printing multiple pages in miniature size on a single sheet of paper

Document sending through any e-mail system

  • Send any Recollect documents as attachments via e-mail

Cabinet creation

  • Create cabinets and facilitate searching through multiple drawers residing on multiple storage media, such as CD-ROMs, ZIP drives, or jukeboxes

Scanner enablement

  • Dynamically add new TWAIN-compliant or ISIS-compliant scanners to Recollect's list of supported scanners

Rebus' Unique Information Management Technology Includes...

  • Full-text Fuzzy Index & Search
  • Database Search
  • Portable Document Index
  • Simplified user interface
  • Importing of electronic documents
  • Storing, exporting, retrieving, editing, and copying of formatted optical character recognition (OCR) text and images
  • Integration with popular databases and database applications
  • Enhanced page control
  • Audio and video attachment capability
  • Improved scanning window
  • Built-in image editor
  • Overview printing
  • Document sending through any e-mail system
  • Cabinet creation
  • Scanner enablement