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Filing and Retrieving Contracts and Depositions

A legal firm of four, a small company with one in-house attorney or a partnership that covers the globe, a legal department within a corporation. Whichever you are, you need to store and manage mountains of documents: contracts, lease agreements, non-disclosures, RFPs, publications, patents, and correspondence, amendments, HR information. If it exists on paper, electronic or microfilm, it needs to be stored and indexed, and then retrieved in seconds. Recollect makes that possible.

With Recollect, you can scan every piece of information, including signed contracts, and file it in a highly efficient hierarchy. Retrieve by type, date, client, licensing number, whatever. Compile and generate lists of agreements generated during the Merger and Acquisitions process. If you require reports of licensing agreements by quarter, year or any specified time period, Recollect does it for you.

Need to attach copies of checks and invoices with your quarterly reports, or justify expenses before being paid? Recollect does this, too. And if you change locations, you can leave those file cabinets behind: the CD-ROM-stored backups are all you need.

With Recollect, there are no more fees for accessing off-site documents, no more delays. All of your documents will be on CDís or DVDís. Immediate access results in happier clients and a more efficient way of doing business.

Example: Your law firm is engaged in hot litigation. The opposing side fulfills its disclosure requirements by delivering boxes filled with paper documents. What do you do? You could assign a team to sort through each one-hundreds of pages or thousands, it has to be done–or you could call on Recollect. Scan each document and Recollect automatically indexes it for you. Discoveries, depositions, everything, available at your fingertips in seconds.

Example: You need the contract for Triad Computers and someone has accidentally filed it as Triab Computers. Enter Triad in your Search. Thanks to the Recollect full-text True Fuzzy Indexing and Searching, you’ll see
images of every document containing that name. Click on the one you need and there it is. Are there six offices around the country? With Recollect, you can share that information without having to leave your desk.

Example: Your Patents department receives hundreds of paper or electronically submitted documents and drawings every week. And not all of them are in English. Recollect allows you to manage all referenced and previously issued patent documents, no matter what the format.